mabry ⛼ not dead


i make music and work with audio & video.

recent work

vulnerary (a mixtape) [apple music] [bandcamp] [spotify]

miles away (EP) [apple music] [bandcamp] [spotify]


monthly playlist of what i've been listening to. i'll put up a full archive somewhere on here eventually.


if you would like to contact me, you can click on any of the icons below or just email me

a quick note

all of my music is available for free via bandcamp. if you would like to support my work, bandcamp allows you to "pay what you want,"" in addition to the small amount per stream via spotify, apple music, amazon, or youtube.

vulnerary (a mixtape) 2022

available on: [apple music] [bandcamp] [spotify]

miles away (EP) 2021

available on: [apple music] [bandcamp] [spotify]

you bought all of the trees, will you take the birds too? 2021

available on: [apple music] [bandcamp] [spotify]

pekid tape (ep) 2016

available on: [bandcamp]

miles away (ep) - music videos


i exist elsewhere. please feel free to visit and reach out where you see fit.

  • links.mabry.rip
  • this is for my social media accounts to post quick links.
  • instagram
  • "official account" - not very active
  • mastodon
  • trying to connect with local creative folk and generally more local info
  • twitch
  • sometimes i stream while i make music or play video games
  • patreon
  • my attempt to come up with an alternative income